Wheels of Love Prologue

I once entered Wheels of Love in the Writer’s Union of Canada Postcard Competition (it had to tell a story in less than 250 words). It ended up as a top twelve finalist that year (out of more than 700 entries).

I am planning now for it to be the prologue of a longer story.


Wheels of Love

Sue thought about getting off.

“This is crazy,” she said out loud to no one in particular. Looking out the window as the train pulled out of the Vienna station, Sue was drawn to the synchronicity of it all. Their love began on a train and ended on one. Now here she was 30 years later again feeling the wheels of a locomotive churning under her as they moved south towards Graz.

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A Snowstorm Prayer

As I pushed through the blowing snow towards my apartment, a woman appeared in front of me, some apparition emerging from the snowflakes. History has not recorded what she was thinking as she stood in my way, me with my crutches and groceries. What was I thinking? Well, perhaps it’s better you don’t know. . . .


In the days following Christmas 1980 in Ottawa my siblings talked me into roller skating. I have balance issues, as in I can barely walk down the street without tripping over myself, and I did not want to go. Family pressure prevailed. You guessed it. By evening the ankle was swollen and blue – and hurt like hell.

My sister was planning to drive us back to Toronto the next day so I decided to hold on until I got home. But one day turned into two. In retrospect I should have gone to the hospital in Ottawa as it was stupid to limp around on it for two days – but then, life in retrospect does sometimes look stupid!

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Depression Doesn’t Discriminate

Here’s the thing about depression. It doesn’t discriminate. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, young or old, it can get you. Whatever your race or religion it can strike.

But as someone who has suffered from it my whole life, the most interesting aspect of depression to me is that it seemingly makes no difference whether things are going well in your life or going badly. It can smack you upside the head in an instant.

At least that has been my observation from decades of living with depression. I can be walking along thinking I am having a good day and feeling great and then within a few seconds it descends and my chest is feeling crushed and the weight of the world is suddenly on my shoulders.

I also feel queasy and unsettled. There is no seeming “reason” that this has happened (believe me I have repeatedly tried to find one in the moment) and yet in a split second I suddenly feel like a loser, that

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Canadian Flag Saves The Day

July is when vacation/travel time starts in earnest and as it also begins with Canada Day this seemed a good story to share with everyone. Thanks to a diary I kept I was later able to write a number of stories about my travels through Europe in 1972. There were many times during those four months that being Canadian got us out of (and occasionally into) trouble. I am sure you all have your own travel stories. This is one of mine.

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