I Love Climbing

I find trees of any shape or size incredibly beautiful. That is why I am so upset with companies and governments that allow forests to be cleared and built on but I won’t preach here. I love just hanging out underneath trees or hiding in their branches. They make me feel safe and protected.

Little Jay hiding in the trees







One of grown up Jay’s favourite spots outside


I love trees most for climbing, the higher the better. If mom wouldn’t keep a rope around my neck I know I could keep going up until I touched the sky – or at least until I caught a bird [mom’s corollary: it is a perfectly good harness and leash, not a rope!]

Sometimes we are strolling along and I lull her into a false sense of security. As we reach a tree I make a dash up it but still that stupid rope stops me. I’ve told her (in my own way) that I don’t need to be tied up, that I would always come back to her when she called (why is mom lying on the floor laughing).

She’s says I am not street smart and she does not want anything bad to happen to me (How can a street be smart and what does that have to do with me?).

I am glad that mom takes me for a walk almost every day. I have talked to some outdoor cats who told me not many indoor cats are taken for walks at all. And mom does let me climb trees. I should tell you that I am not really fussy about what I climb though. I prefer trees but anything made of wood and heading towards the sky is just fine with me. [Mom: He is referring to utility poles]

As long as I can climb up and glance down at mom and all the rest of my kingdom I am happy and feel I can conquer the world. It is harder at home. Mom keeps saying she is going to buy me one of those cat trees from the pet store but so far she has not. Because of that, I have had to improvise and find other high up spots to climb to in our home.


Jay found a way to get up high in the bedroom

I hope you enjoy this video that mom made of me. When I watched it the first time I thought how tiny I used to be. Big is better.



Jay enjoying the view from his perch in a tree


  1. Cheryl Harrington
    Oct 23, 2013

    Well, Jay, Sam and I are SO impressed. Not only are you an Olympic-grade climber but you’ve got your own production company, too. Loved this peek into your world. We’ll be humming your tree climbing theme song all week. Beautifully done!

    Sam would have written this himself but he was so terrified by the thought of you being OUTSIDE where OUTSIDE BIRDS might swoop at you was simply too much for him and he has gone to lie down.

    • Susan McNicoll
      Oct 23, 2013

      Thanks to you and Sam for stopping by to see the blog and video. I was really excited when I found this song. I already intended to do a video about his climbing and so the song was a gift from the universe. A star of Jay’s calibre (in his own mind of course) would have nothing less than his own production company. He gets to take all the credit and I do all the work. Isn’t it always like that with cats though. Pat Sam for me and tell him there is nothing to be afraid of out there. Oh, who am I kidding. Tell him he’s probably safer not opening the door!

  2. Seema
    Oct 24, 2013

    Awesome video, Susan! Jay is quite the climber – very impressive! That is some amazing footage you have of him climbing the telephone pole. And you definitely chose the perfect song, both in words and in feel. And, Jay, a walk (and climb) almost every day?! I’d say you have no idea how good you’ve got it, but I think you do!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Oct 24, 2013

      Thank you Seema for your admiring of my climbing. Ok, I know you said climbing footage but without me there would be no footage. Today I climbed a tree higher than I ever have before. Mom cheered. Then I tried to jump onto the shed’s roof to have a tussle with the cat upstairs. Mom did not cheer. I just don’t understand her sometimes.

      • Seema
        Oct 25, 2013

        Very true, Jay. Without you, the footage would just be a telephone pole and, quite frankly, that would make for one boring video! That being said, without your Mom and her camera, there would be no footage. So, I’d have to say that you two make a great team. (Oh, and you may not understand, but your Mom knows what she’s talking about: climbing = good, starting fights = bad!)

  3. vennie
    Oct 28, 2013

    I love the picture of Jay high up on a shelf. What’s this about you promise a tall cat tree but haven’t made good on it yet? Get as tall a one as you can and one with sisal rope for scratching and climbing, not carpet material. Jay…you are a real good boy and very handsome. Kisses! Vennie

    • Susan McNicoll
      Oct 28, 2013

      It took him a year and a half to figure out he could get up onto the shelf. It takes some effort to do it but it cracked me up the first time I saw him up there! I am limited to five feet (in the spot that is the right one for it) or it will not fit into my place and still allow Jay to climb into and sit in the square at the top. The one I want is a mix of carpet and sisal. Also Jay refuses to go out to work to help me pay for it (:0)) and a lot of the pet stores will not deliver. I have no one to pick it up for me either. Having said all of that, the plan is for Jay to get it as a Christmas present this year. I cannot wait to film its arrival and how he reacts. Jay is the best gift I have ever been given. We both thank you for stopping by and check in next month for a Tale of the Tail.

  4. Doreen Pendgracs
    Nov 1, 2013

    Hi Susan. Well, Jay is quite the climber! He could get a job with the telephone or hydro folks the way he climbs those poles!

    All kidding aside, have we got a tree for you! Jay would adore our willow tree. It’s got so many branches leafing out in all directions and is a joy to climb for cats and kids alike. Too bad we live so far from you or I’d invite you both over!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Nov 1, 2013

      I have tried to persuade him to get a job as we could use the money but he thinks being handsome is more than enough! Honestly, Jay would think he had died and gone to heaven with your willow tree. I probably would never get him down. Maybe we can stop by if I am able to do the cross country drive with Jay next summer.

  5. Marie
    Dec 15, 2013

    I agree with Seema, Jay is an awesome climber, and very handsome to boot! Great video, perfect song for it.

    • Susan McNicoll
      Dec 16, 2013

      I am more flattered you think that about Jay than he is because for him that is as it should be. But I am grateful you watched the video and my boy’s impressive climbing.

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