Into 2014

Well, Christmas is over for another year and we are into 2014. Mom and I hope you have a year filled with hope and promise and joy and please remember that all your pets need toys!

I wanted to write at the beginning of December and post the video that is below. It is all about me helping mom get things ready for Christmas. She has to wrap and mail a lot of presents and she loves to decorate our home. It is a lot of work. I do what I can to help her although I sometimes get distracted by the shiny wrapping paper and the dangling Christmas decorations. I even let her humiliate me – for about ten seconds!


The things I do for Love


The reason we are late posting this blog is that mom was very sick with pneumonia in November and was so tired when December came around that she told me this would have to wait until January. She did post this Christmas video on You Tube so I hope some of you saw it there. As you will see, I had lots of fun.



I had the best fun this Christmas. All of mom’s friends came to see her during the holidays and I loved seeing all of them. A couple of them brought me presents. I was so excited mom had to rip the paper off quickly and help me play with it.


As you can see in this photo of me playing with my new toy, I have a very fluffy belly!


But my best present ever came a few days before Christmas. I LOVE it so much and I spend lots of time on it. It’s a new condo. Mom knows I love to be up high and to sit in a box so she got me a condo that gives me both. As you can see it is super high and there is a box on top. Here are a couple of photos of it.

Here is my new beautiful condo



Mom bought me the best condo ever


The holidays may be over but the fun still continues so stay tuned, as mom is always saying. She is planning to make a video about my best friend – my tail!

But for now I am done with Christmas and if mom tries to put one more hat on my head I might have to bite her.


Another Christmas gone but what fun mom and I had throughout the holidays




  1. Marie
    Mar 15, 2014

    Glad to hear that Jay has a friend, we all need a good one!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Mar 28, 2014

      We can all use as many good friends as we can get! Thanks for stopping by.

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