Jay, The Maine Coon Cat’s First Video

Ok, so it’s not the first video of me but it is the first one that mom has made of me.

Sometimes parents can be so frustrating. Mom has been talking about learning how to make videos for more than a year. She even bought the software. I mean, it isn’t as though she doesn’t have a huge inspiration right in front of her (that would be ME!) to give her motivation.

Mom said she wanted the video to show that I was a happy and well-taken-care of little guy.

Well, duh.

Although she does not always do exactly what I want her to do (do parents ever!), mom takes better care of me than any other kid in the world.

She makes me happy (don’t tell her I said that though as I like to keep her guessing) and there is nothing I like more than to sleep stretched out on mom’s legs, in front of the fire, while she watches tv on a winter evening.

I get a walk about five or six days a week (we won’t talk about the fact I have to be on a leash which I do find a bit humiliating as I watch all the other cats roaming free). I love exploring and seeing new things but I won’t tell you more now because mom says that’s for another video.

One of my favourite things is when she brushes me. Oh, and when she chases me around the apartment (mom is soooo slow, it is funny to watch).

So here is the video. Please tell everyone to watch it because I really am incredibly handsome and lots of fun to watch. [Mom’s corollary – and Jay is oh so humble too!]




Jay out in the garden in his new carriage. Spot the carriage in the new video above. No it isn’t a Cadillac!


  1. Cheryl Harrington
    Oct 3, 2013

    Now that’s what I call an Oscar-worthy performance. Congratulations, Jay, your mom did a super job on her first video. Of course, with you as the star it was sure to be a hit. Sam and I enjoyed watching.

    • Susan McNicoll
      Oct 3, 2013

      Thanks Cheryl. Jay bows as the crowd cheers in the background! Those are Jay’s words. As I said, he is ever humble. All the best from us to Sam too.

  2. Denise Cunningham
    Oct 5, 2013

    Beautiful video Jay! Please tell your mom she’s amazing 🙂

    • Susan McNicoll
      Oct 5, 2013

      Thank you for coming to watch it Denise. I hope mom continues to make videos of me. I know she has lots of photos and videos she can use. And, yes, sometimes mom is amazing. The rest of the time she is just a parent!

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