Jay’s Christmas 2015

Ok, you will notice it is actually January 2016. I got carried away with food and partying I never got around to writing a December blog.

Mum did make a video of me celebrating Christmas 2014, though, and it was posted on You Tube.  She is posting this short blog here so that the video will be accessible from her website. Here is a link:




She was so mad at me for not getting on with it I did feel chastened and so I have written a large portion of my blog for next Christmas already. Oh no, you are going to have to wait until then to read it (the fun of Christmas is in the anticipation, right?) but I will give you a little hint – I was thoroughly disgusted the first time I heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas and discovered that cats were not mentioned in it anywhere. Mum tried to tell me that the whole universe does not revolve around cats. I was not impressed.


So Christmas is over and packed away for another year. I hope yours was a good one and that 2016 brings you much peace and joy.

Jay ate too much Christmas dinner and then crashed

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