Jay’s Christmas Thoughts for 2016

It is Christmas time again and because I was quite sick this year (I am finally well again thank you although mum was scared) this year seems more special somehow. So I have been thinking about my take on a few Christmassy things.

A Christmas Carol

Why talk about Christmas Past and Christmases still to come. As a cat I always live in the present and it seems to me people would be much better off at Christmas if they did the same thing – live in the moment, in fact all the glorious moments.

Santa Claws

Yes I realize that it is really Santa Claus. Either way I am open to presents from either one (hint to mum)

It’s A Wonderful Life

 Well, duh. I don’t need a whole movie to tell me that. I just have to look at mum.

It is A Wonderful Life


I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Don’t get me started on the subject of snow. Just check out my video below. Let’s just say mum loves the white stuff and I definitely do not.



The Twelve Days of Christmas

I find this song totally offensive because cats are not mentioned anywhere (why not 10 cats a-purring?). What’s up with that? Anyone who has looked at the history of cats knows what important roles we have played throughout time. Instead they have pipers piping and lords-a-leaping! How silly.

Anyway I have my own personal list for the Twelve Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true mum gave to me

12 treats for eating

11 naps by fires

10 hugs from mum

9 tummy rubs

8 walks outside

7 birds at windows

6 friends who visit

5 Golden toys

4 Chews of grass

3 catnip balls

2 special rugs

And a cat condo instead of a tree

– although our trees are always pretty.


Mum & Jay’s 2016 Tree


Hold on to all your traditions – and each other.




  1. yv
    Dec 30, 2016

    Upon viewing 2016 for the second time, I am willing to bet a pouch of catnip that the white bag containing spools of colorful ribbons would be endless entertainment!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Dec 31, 2016

      He did pull all the ribbons out to play with them! Happy New Year to you.

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