Tale of a Tail

When I was a little guy my tail was very long for my tiny body. In fact it was so long and quite powerful that I tried to leave it behind a couple of times because I got tired.

Jay and His Best Friend Tail

I had no idea what was coming but soon my tail was not only long but filled out too, out of all proportion to my body. It was like a separate furry being and Tail quickly became my best friend. I loved it and I still do, of course. Not as much as I love mom but a close second!

Not that having Tail is always easy.  It takes a lot of work for Tail to look so gorgeous.

Mom brushes me almost every day but she never touches Tail except when she is giving both of us a bath. Keeping Tail clean and beautiful is my job and I am always licking it and making it as fluffy as I can.

Tail and I play together every day. I use it a lot when I am talking to mom. While she talks to me I slowly wave Tail back and forth so that she knows that I hear her and I love her.

I often stick it up in the air when we go for a walk and Tail gets just as angry as I do when a certain nasty black male cat comes onto the property.

Mom said it was really hard to choose but she has put together some photos and video of Tail and I and posted it on You Tube as well.



Hint, Hint – I am turning four in three weeks. I hope mom remembers.

Jay in his bean bag pose


  1. Vennie
    Apr 11, 2014

    I love your Tail Jay and the video your mom made about it. I think you have the best Tail ever.
    And Happy Birthday!! Vennie

    • Susan McNicoll
      Apr 11, 2014

      I agree with you about Tail Vennie. He is my best friend (well, after mom of course). I don’t go anywhere without him.

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