The kitten & the human

This is the story of how Jay and Susan met and became bonded for life.

June 16th 2010

Kitten: I am seven weeks old today and I heard my foster parents say that some woman was coming to look at my stupid brother – just because he has white paws. How dumb is that? If I like her she is ALL mine.

Kitten: Oh, here she is. Wow, I really like her already but I will have to work hard not to let her see that. Now she is holding dingbat brother and doesn’t even seem to know I am here. He is back on the ground and has run away. I did mention he was stupid, right? While she is talking to my foster parents I am going to go and stand by her feet and roar.

Human: It is really good of you to have taken them in and raised them for the past four weeks. I cannot believe anyone would take the mother and abandon her kittens at three weeks. What is that squeak? (bends down to pick up squeak) He is smaller than his brother. Oh, he’s the runt of the litter – that explains it.

Kitten: I don’t know what runt means but I don’t think it is good.

Let’s take a break from the story for a minute (or three!). Here is a video celebrating Jay’s fourth birthday and the almost four years we have been together:


Now, back to the story.

Human: I don’t mind if he is a bit more skittish than the other one (in reply to a comment by the foster parent).

Kitten: I am not skittish. I am just hyper vigilant.

Human: There is just something really special about this little guy. Hey goof, what do you think? Do you want to come home with me?

Kitten: Duh. I must look adorable but nonchalant. I need to set the tone for the years to come. I hope so much that she will love me and take care of me forever. When she stares into my eyes I will have her.

Human, staring into the cat’s eyes: Oh my goodness, he is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I promise to love and take care of you forever little guy.

Kitten: My work here is done.

That is the end of the story. Well, actually it is only the beginning!




  1. Cheryl Harrington
    Apr 26, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your first encounter. Jay knew a kindred spirit when he saw you. Love that video. He was such a cute kitten. Sam wants to watch it again. (He especially likes when Jay talks to the birds.)

    • Susan McNicoll
      Apr 27, 2014

      Amazing how I have two blogs almost ready to go and the third one, about Jay, makes it up first. At least Sam would agree I have my priorities right. How Jay decided I was the one I don’t know but he did and I will be forever grateful. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and comment.

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