The Write Spot

Once a month, author Cheryl Harrington produces a blog called The Write Spot featuring a specific writer. Her focus is an interesting one – the space that a writer chooses to write in and what is it about the space that helps the creative experience. I am very excited to have been chosen to appear this month and here is an excerpt, where I talk about what I cannot live without in my Write Spot:

“Jay, my cat and my muse. Without Jay, my Write Spot feels empty. He looks after me and seems to know when I should take a break (of course this could also be because he wants attention!). He sits tall on the table, reaches over and pats me on the shoulder or arm, repeatedly, with increasing intensity, until I get up.”

Here is a link to the full blog:

Here is Jay relaxing in my Write Spot



  1. It was a pleasure to have you at The Write Spot, Susan. Thanks for sharing your writing life. (I don’t know how you get anything done with that handsome Jay looking so pettable!)

    • Susan McNicoll
      Nov 18, 2015

      Jay does sometimes makes writing hard but more because he wants my attention. He has the softest fur I have ever felt.

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