Most cats like looking out windows. For indoor cats it is the only view they have of the outside world. Jay LOVES sitting at windows even though he gets to go outside often because I put a leash on him and walk him almost every day. One of the reasons I picked this place to live is that there were a lot of windows for Jay to look out and they were at varying heights which meant he would get exercise in reaching them. Here are some of Jay’s windows to the world.


Jay Gazes out the Bathroom Window

My landlord has two outdoor cats. One often comes to this front window and he and Jay have a sparring match through the window.

Jay Looks For Bubba









Another photo of Jay looking out the bathroom window. It requires two jumps to reach this one so it is excellent exercise for Jay.

Jay is Happy in the Window









Here are two photos of Jay at one of the windows looking into the garden. There is a screen on this one that I will shortly have to replace thanks to Jay’s efforts to claw through it to get at the cats outside!

Jay Looks into the Garden












One of Jay’s favourite things is lounging at the window in my (his!) office

Jay in the Office

Jay Looks at the Snow







Jay Gazes on a Winter Evening














Window Gazing is Exhausting

But of course Jay is a cat afterall and for every moment
looking out of one of his windows there are a hundred
sleeping in front of them!

This Month’s video of Jay is definitely one my top three favourites. Although I am working on making my own videos, the ones I continue to show were made by Doug (known on You Tube as DrNworb). He made numerous brilliant (and often very funny) videos of Jay for which I will be forever grateful. Sometimes when Jay is at a window he will chatter away to the birds. Here he is actually outside chatting to the birds at a feeder. No birds were hurt in the making of this video.


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