Five Years Together and Counting

Mom and I have been together for more than five years now. From the moment she walked into my foster parent’s apartment I wanted to go home with her. She initially came to see if she wanted to take my brother but I was a persistent little guy and once she picked me up and looked into my eyes I knew we would be together forever.


This is me a week after mom brought me home

I have come to understand her language but it has not always been easy. I don’t know exactly what she says to me but I know what the result of some words mean.

Food – now that I understood VERY quickly. I think it is because mom is excited when she says it but I quickly meow that I understand and I run to the kitchen. It means she will give me a large spoonful of a tin of my favourite wet food. I only like turkey and chicken. Mom tells me that other cats like fish (and beef) but you would think she would know by now that I am not like ANY other cat!

More – Same as “food” but the second spoonful. I still meow loudly to make sure she knows I agree. Sometimes she forgets the second spoonful and I have to sit by my dish and meow loudly to remind her.

No More – Mom rubs her hands together and shows them empty and says no more. Not good because that is the end of the food.

Soon – I don’t like this one much either (and mom says this a lot) because it means whatever it is I am meowing at her for is not going to happen right away. It will happen eventually but not on my timetable – as though there is any other!

Later – This is like “soon” – only worse. It means that whatever I want to have happen will, but later which means not any time soon!

Walk – We are going outside so I run to the door and wait for mom to put the harness on.  I keep telling her it is not necessary but for some reason she thinks I won’t come back if I don’t have it on. Of course I would come back – eventually.

Jason – My name is Jay of course (named for the Toronto Blue Jays) but when I am really bad mom calls me Jason really loudly so I have to stop whatever fun I am having and run away.

Baby – Mom always calls me this when I am not feeling well. I don’t know how she knows but she calls me “baby” or sometimes “poor baby” and rubs me gently. It always makes me feel better.

Little Guy – My favourite. I cuddle up in her lap in our recliner and put my head on mom’s chest. She pets my head and rubs my back and says “I love you little guy. You are best boy a mom could ever ask for.” I don’t know exactly what it means but I feel so safe and close to her it has to be good.

Here is the limk to the video of our first five years together:


May your life be as good as the one mom and I have together.

This is me looking handsome for mom

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Jay’s Christmasses

It is holiday time again and of course I am very excited. I have been such a good cat this year that I just know Santa will be as good to me as he always is although I think it will be hard to top last’s year’s present. I know I told you about it before but isn’t it beautiful?


I love hanging out on the top of my five foot condo

I spend almost as much time there as I do sleeping on mum’s legs in front of the fire.


I love sleeping on mum’s legs in front of the fire

Either way I have it made. I’ve done all my shopping and wrapped the presents. Let me say that Christmas paper and cat claws are not a good mix but it’s the thought that counts. At least that’s what mum always says.

Last year in our video we told you all about our preparations for Christmas so this year we decided to show you a few of things we did on Christmas Eve and Day in past years. If it seems like I am spoiled, well that’s as it should be!

As soon as mum wakes up on the 24th I start suggesting it is time to hang our stockings and I go to the window to see if Santa is in the sky yet.


I know Santa does not come until it is dark but I can hope, can’t I?

Then mum tells me it has to be dark out first. I don’t understand why we have to wait but mum says it’s tradition. I don’t know what that word means but she uses it a lot at this time of the year.

We always have a small live tree but we also have an artificial one in the hallway. The branches are hard with glitter and fake snow on them. Whenever I am not pleased about something and I want to make a point I wait until mum can see me and then I chew on one of the branches which always gets her attention. I have to pay her back for some of things she makes me wear during the holidays.

Here is our Christmas 2014 video



Whatever your traditions or whatever you are doing during the holidays, mum and I hope you have a purrfect one.

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Maine Coon cat Jay and mum share four years

June 16th 2014 – Mum and I celebrate four years together. It has been a blast.

I am all grown up now and a very big boy. At my vets a week ago I weighed 18 lbs. I maintain I am NOT fat, just a big Maine Coon cat. When mom measured me one day, as I stretched my front and back legs out, I was 42 inches from one end to the other (this does not count my tail which, as you know, is also very long). But I was not always this big. When I rescued mom I was 1.6 lbs and only seven weeks old.


This is me June 17th 2010 after we came home from the vet. I was looking a little sheepish for all the trouble I was causing my new mum!

Before I tell you about our first few days of strife together let’s take a quick video break. In my last blog I told you about how I chose mom and my forever home. Mum did a retrospective video of my first four years. This time she decided to do one of our first six weeks or so together – because I was an awfully cute little guy! This was a good thing because I have to admit I have not always been easy on her!


Back to the story of how I was a “Rebel”!

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The kitten & the human

This is the story of how Jay and Susan met and became bonded for life.

June 16th 2010

Kitten: I am seven weeks old today and I heard my foster parents say that some woman was coming to look at my stupid brother – just because he has white paws. How dumb is that? If I like her she is ALL mine.

Kitten: Oh, here she is. Wow, I really like her already but I will have to work hard not to let her see that. Now she is holding dingbat brother and doesn’t even seem to know I am here. He is back on the ground and has run away. I did mention he was stupid, right? While she is talking to my foster parents I am going to go and stand by her feet and roar.

Human: It is really good of you to have taken them in and raised them for the past four weeks. I cannot believe anyone would take the mother and abandon her kittens at three weeks. What is that squeak? (bends down to pick up squeak) He is smaller than his brother. Oh, he’s the runt of the litter – that explains it.

Kitten: I don’t know what runt means but I don’t think it is good.

Let’s take a break from the story for a minute (or three!). Here is a video celebrating Jay’s fourth birthday and the almost four years we have been together:


Now, back to the story.

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