Tale of a Tail

When I was a little guy my tail was very long for my tiny body. In fact it was so long and quite powerful that I tried to leave it behind a couple of times because I got tired.

Jay and His Best Friend Tail

I had no idea what was coming but soon my tail was not only long but filled out too, out of all proportion to my body. It was like a separate furry being and Tail quickly became my best friend. I loved it and I still do, of course. Not as much as I love mom but a close second!

Not that having Tail is always easy.  It takes a lot of work for Tail to look so gorgeous.

Mom brushes me almost every day but she never touches Tail except when she is giving both of us a bath. Keeping Tail clean and beautiful is my job and I am always licking it and making it as fluffy as I can.

Tail and I play together every day. I use it a lot when I am talking to mom. While she talks to me I slowly wave Tail back and forth so that she knows that I hear her and I love her.

I often stick it up in the air when we go for a walk and Tail gets just as angry as I do when a certain nasty black male cat comes onto the property.

Mom said it was really hard to choose but she has put together some photos and video of Tail and I and posted it on You Tube as well.



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Into 2014

Well, Christmas is over for another year and we are into 2014. Mom and I hope you have a year filled with hope and promise and joy and please remember that all your pets need toys!

I wanted to write at the beginning of December and post the video that is below. It is all about me helping mom get things ready for Christmas. She has to wrap and mail a lot of presents and she loves to decorate our home. It is a lot of work. I do what I can to help her although I sometimes get distracted by the shiny wrapping paper and the dangling Christmas decorations. I even let her humiliate me – for about ten seconds!


The things I do for Love


The reason we are late posting this blog is that mom was very sick with pneumonia in November and was so tired when December came around that she told me this would have to wait until January. She did post this Christmas video on You Tube so I hope some of you saw it there. As you will see, I had lots of fun.



I had the best fun this Christmas. All of mom’s friends came to see her during the holidays and I loved seeing all of them. A couple of them brought me presents. I was so excited mom had to rip the paper off quickly and help me play with it.


As you can see in this photo of me playing with my new toy, I have a very fluffy belly!


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I Love Climbing

I find trees of any shape or size incredibly beautiful. That is why I am so upset with companies and governments that allow forests to be cleared and built on but I won’t preach here. I love just hanging out underneath trees or hiding in their branches. They make me feel safe and protected.

Little Jay hiding in the trees







One of grown up Jay’s favourite spots outside


I love trees most for climbing, the higher the better. If mom wouldn’t keep a rope around my neck I know I could keep going up until I touched the sky – or at least until I caught a bird [mom’s corollary: it is a perfectly good harness and leash, not a rope!]

Sometimes we are strolling along and I lull her into a false sense of security. As we reach a tree I make a dash up it but still that stupid rope stops me. I’ve told her (in my own way) that I don’t need to be tied up, that I would always come back to her when she called (why is mom lying on the floor laughing).

She’s says I am not street smart and she does not want anything bad to happen to me (How can a street be smart and what does that have to do with me?).

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Jay, The Maine Coon Cat’s First Video

Ok, so it’s not the first video of me but it is the first one that mom has made of me.

Sometimes parents can be so frustrating. Mom has been talking about learning how to make videos for more than a year. She even bought the software. I mean, it isn’t as though she doesn’t have a huge inspiration right in front of her (that would be ME!) to give her motivation.

Mom said she wanted the video to show that I was a happy and well-taken-care of little guy.

Well, duh.

Although she does not always do exactly what I want her to do (do parents ever!), mom takes better care of me than any other kid in the world.

She makes me happy (don’t tell her I said that though as I like to keep her guessing) and there is nothing I like more than to sleep stretched out on mom’s legs, in front of the fire, while she watches tv on a winter evening.

I get a walk

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