on top

I wrote this long poem for a contest. I think the title of the piece (it could be a poem, prose, fiction or non-fiction, etc.) had to be “on top” but my memory is bit fuzzy about that part! I would never have written about my experience in this way as poetry is certainly not my normal writing form but every once in a while something comes to me in the form of a poem and I honour its need to be expressed that way.

In 1972 I did what many young people did at that time – I travelled through Europe. I worked in a store for a year and saved enough money and then a friend and I spent four months traipsing through many countries. I am somwhat pyschic and there have been times in my life that some type of “experience” has happened that has sometimes even changed the direction of my life. In those moments there is a certainty about something important. I know the vision I have just had in my head is going to be true even if all reason, and everyone I know, tries to tell me it is not possible. This was one of those moments.

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