Jay’s Christmas Thoughts for 2016

It is Christmas time again and because I was quite sick this year (I am finally well again thank you although mum was scared) this year seems more special somehow. So I have been thinking about my take on a few Christmassy things.

A Christmas Carol

Why talk about Christmas Past and Christmases still to come. As a cat I always live in the present and it seems to me people would be much better off at Christmas if they did the same thing – live in the moment, in fact all the glorious moments.

Santa Claws

Yes I realize that it is really Santa Claus. Either way I am open to presents from either one (hint to mum)

It’s A Wonderful Life

 Well, duh. I don’t need a whole movie to tell me that. I just have to look at mum.

It is A Wonderful Life


I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Don’t get me started on the subject of snow. Just check out my video below. Let’s just say mum loves the white stuff and I definitely do not.



The Twelve Days of Christmas

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Cat Jay’s Sixth Birthday

Today I turned six. I look at myself in the mirror (What! A cat can’t have any vanity!) and I can hardly remember the little guy I once was. I was always chewing on something back then.


I was always chewing on something, good or bad.

The day after I came to live with mum I chewed and swallowed something I shouldn’t have. Mum immediately picked me up and took me to see the woman who became my vet, Anna.

At that point I still did not have a name and it was while driving to that first visit that mum realized the obvious, that she had to name me Jay after her beloved Toronto Blue Jays. She didn’t want me to be Blue (thanks mum) and so Jay it was. If she had asked me I could have told her my name was Jay.

As an animal I shouldn’t say I like a veterinarian but I LOVE my Anna. She makes me feel really special even if she told mum all those years ago that I was going to be a lot of trouble, whatever that means. I just had a lot of curiosity.

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Jay’s Christmas 2015

Ok, you will notice it is actually January 2016. I got carried away with food and partying I never got around to writing a December blog.

Mum did make a video of me celebrating Christmas 2014, though, and it was posted on You Tube.  She is posting this short blog here so that the video will be accessible from her website. Here is a link:




She was so mad at me for not getting on with it I did feel chastened and so I have written a large portion of my blog for next Christmas already. Oh no, you are going to have to wait until then to read it (the fun of Christmas is in the anticipation, right?) but I will give you a little hint – I was thoroughly disgusted the first time I heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas and discovered that cats were not mentioned in it anywhere. Mum tried to tell me that the whole universe does not revolve around cats. I was not impressed.

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Five Years Together and Counting

Mom and I have been together for more than five years now. From the moment she walked into my foster parent’s apartment I wanted to go home with her. She initially came to see if she wanted to take my brother but I was a persistent little guy and once she picked me up and looked into my eyes I knew we would be together forever.


This is me a week after mom brought me home

I have come to understand her language but it has not always been easy. I don’t know exactly what she says to me but I know what the result of some words mean.

Food – now that I understood VERY quickly. I think it is because mom is excited when she says it but I quickly meow that I understand and I run to the kitchen. It means she will give me a large spoonful of a tin of my favourite wet food. I only like turkey and chicken. Mom tells me that other cats like fish (and beef) but you would think she would know by now that I am not like ANY other cat!

More – Same as “food” but the second spoonful. I still meow loudly to make sure she knows I agree. Sometimes she forgets the second spoonful and I have to sit by my dish and meow loudly to remind her.

No More – Mom rubs her hands together and shows them empty and says no more. Not good because that is the end of the food.

Soon – I don’t like this one much either (and mom says this a lot) because it means whatever it is I am meowing at her for is not going to happen right away. It will happen eventually but not on my timetable – as though there is any other!

Later – This is like “soon” – only worse. It means that whatever I want to have happen will, but later which means not any time soon!

Walk – We are going outside so I run to the door and wait for mom to put the harness on.  I keep telling her it is not necessary but for some reason she thinks I won’t come back if I don’t have it on. Of course I would come back – eventually.

Jason – My name is Jay of course (named for the Toronto Blue Jays) but when I am really bad mom calls me Jason really loudly so I have to stop whatever fun I am having and run away.

Baby – Mom always calls me this when I am not feeling well. I don’t know how she knows but she calls me “baby” or sometimes “poor baby” and rubs me gently. It always makes me feel better.

Little Guy – My favourite. I cuddle up in her lap in our recliner and put my head on mom’s chest. She pets my head and rubs my back and says “I love you little guy. You are best boy a mom could ever ask for.” I don’t know exactly what it means but I feel so safe and close to her it has to be good.

Here is the limk to the video of our first five years together:




May your life be as good as the one mom and I have together.

This is me looking handsome for mom

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