The Carriage

As anyone who has followed Jay’s story knows, most days I put on a harness and leash (on him, not on me) and walk him. Still, a cat’s walk is really a number of sit downs with lots of smelling and little actual walking in-between!  This means we do not cover a lot of ground. Jay loves being outside so I was trying to think of a way to have him enjoy the outdoors a little more. Just to show that I have officially slipped over into being “the crazy old cat lady” I present to you:


Jay’s New Chariot

I bought it for Jay mainly so I could go for walks in the summer and take him with me. It wasn’t an easy choice. And I don’t mean buying the carriage – that part was easy. The difficult part was which style, what size and colour. Obviously it had to be one of the biggest ones or Jay would not fit his gorgeous 17 lb body into it.

Jay can easily stretch from one end to the other

I needed one that Jay would deign to be seen in but also one that I liked to look at. Some of them were downright scary – like the one in pink. PINK! I may have gone over the edge but I have not completely hit bottom yet! The products are amazing, from a company called If you are looking for a carriage, enclosure or other pet product, you should check them out. The quality is excellent. I settled on a sedate carriage called Fifth Avenue SUV Blue. And I always swore I would never buy an SUV! The day it arrived, Jay showed his cat side by being very interested – in the box.

Jay barely visible hidden far back inside the box

I wasn’t sure if he would like the carriage. His first reaction when I started to assemble it was to back away down the hallway and then crouch down as though it were some living thing that was going to devour him. It only took an hour or so, though, and he was camping out as though he  had been using it for life.

The scary frame








Jay enjoying the completed carriage












Jay immediately showed me how much he really did love it by trying to scratch the canvas enclosure part of the carriage so I have to be really firm about that with him. He actually took to the carriage very quickly and loved lying inside it as it sat in my living room.

The next step was to take him outside in it and I decided, because he loves the garden so much I would just sit outside with him in the carriage next to me. That went well.

Jay loves to sit with one leg straight out in front of him








Enjoying the garden in his new carriage








 As for any adventures we might get into on our walks – they will have to wait for another post.


Because this month’s post is about driving Jay around in his new carriage I thought it appropriate to make this month’s video one called Driving Mr. Jay, albeit around in a car! Made by a previous neighbour Doug, who is very talented at making videos.


Because last month’s video of Jay was so popular I am leaving it up for another month. It was also made by Doug, better known on You Tube as DrNworb (check out his channel if you love cats). Sometimes when Jay is at a window he will chatter away to the birds. In this video he is actually outside chatting to the birds at a feeder. No birds were hurt in the making of this video.



  1. Cheryl Harrington
    Aug 5, 2013

    That’s quite the impressive ‘chariot’ and Jay looks every inch the sophisticated gentleman, lounging in suitable luxury. We (and by we, I mean Sam the Cat and me) enjoyed the story, especially the videos. Sam has insisted on watching the bird-talking video several times now. Photo to follow on Twitter. Thanks for the morning smiles, Susan!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Aug 5, 2013

      Thanks to you and Sam. Glad you enjoyed it. I expect Sam would like to hide in the enclosed part if you took him for a walk but who knows, he might love it. Chariot fit for a King. That was all Jay had to say when I told him you had made a comment. He did love the photo.

  2. Suzi
    Aug 6, 2013

    Oh Sue I am loving this new add about Jay’s”Fifth Avenue SUV Blue!!” It is the perfect chariot befitting this large and fluffy king!! It’s very stylish and he looks like he really loves being in it!! Such a good idea for both of you! He is gorgeous in the sunlight and it affords him a nice bit of peace and security as well.
    I wish I had the opportunity to do this with my cats but they would freak out as indoor cats.
    I can write forever as the script on parchment looks just vintage and fine:))
    On a pleasant night in August, I send you all my love and a big thank u for this warm and loving chapter in Jay’s life!!

    • Susan McNicoll
      Aug 6, 2013

      Thanks for coming to view Jay’s latest story. Both of us love it when you watch and comment on it. Having watched many of your New York minutes on You Tube I can see you taking your trio out on the streets of New York in a carriage – and I do think they would freak out but I still wish you could try it. I mean Fifth Avenue has to be New York, right? Jay and I both send you a big hello on a warm Summer’s night.

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